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Veronica Bertuzzi

Managing Director

Elena Pellicciotta

Project Director & Business Development Manager

Alessia Garlando

Desk & Logistics Manager

Augustin De Canchy

Production Manager

Luca Luccini

Creative & Technical Specialist

Amaranta Matti

Desk & Logistic Manager

Anne – Laure Cornu Thenard

Project Manager

Sotaro Keito

Production Manager

Letizia Ursini

Logistics Assistant

Jibek Sharshankulova

Logistics Assistant

Rebecca Prati

Logistics Manager

Federico Ursini

Logistics Assistant


Local yet global: the best of all Worlds.

Team selection can be national or international.
B1 team are immediately available 24/7 from the very first introductory meeting to well beyond the project’s conclusion.
This philosophy applies across all working groups: global coordinators, joint book runners and advisors to name but a few, allowing prompt execution of any request, large or small.